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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quick note about topics.

Well, it seems the people have spoken.  It appears that, outside of a few loyal readers, most of the people out there are interested in the cryptids and religious issues that free thinkers, atheists, and skeptical folks in general face.  So I'll probably bend to peer pressure and look into these issues more.  That's not to say that these don't interest me as well.  As a matter of fact, I'm actually very interested in these items.  I originally intended this to be a more broad spectrum blog, looking at a wide range of topics.  Granted, if something interesting in say, homeopathy, were to pop up on my crap-dar (a skeptical form of radar, available from the good folks at ACME, the makers of the Do-it-Yourself self launching Trebutchet), I'll still write about it.  And of course, I do take requests.  You can leave them in the comments.  If you hear of something that you want me to write about or discuss, let me know.  I hope to hear from everyone of you soon.  And I know who you are.  Until next time, be good, and be rational.  (I kinda want to end these with Live Long and Prosper, or May the Force be with you, but neither Leonard Nimoy or George Lucas have responded to the various e-mails, letters, and bricks in their mailboxes.)

The Skeptical Okie

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