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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Death of Oklahoma H.B. 1674

After a valiant attempt to grow and thrive, I must report on the passing of Oklahoma House Bill 1674, the Scientific Education and Academic Freedom bill.  H.B. 1674 was allowed to expire before a final reading of the bill was performed.  News of its passing came to me on FaceBook from the NCSE.  I know this may come as a shock to some, but I believe it was for the best.  At least it has gone to a better place.  Namely the wastebasket of a file clerk in the Capitol.  I am happy that this atrocity of legislation never saw the light of day, but in all seriousness, how did it ever pass the Education Committee vote?  Like I stated in the previous post, the language is identical to bills put forward in other states, and is the same rhetoric used by the Discovery Institute.  How much influence do these people have with state politicians that these types of bills seem to be submitted every year?  There have already been 7 of these in 2013, and it's only March.  The skeptical community, and anyone that gives a damn about the future of the education of our children, is going to have to be diligent whenever these "education" bills are authored and put to a vote.  They also seem to go forward pretty quickly, so we have to move fast when they occur.  This was just a quick note about the status of the bill, so I will go ahead and sign off and hopefully sleep well.

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