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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The one year anniversary!

I just noticed that the blog is 1 year old today, so happy birthday to it!  Other famous events on March 19 are : 1997- Supreme court hears Internet indecency arguments, 1987-Jim Bakker resigns after a sex scandal with Jessica Hahn, and in 1915-Pluto photographed for the first time.  Yes there are a lot of other events, but most of them are sports stats, and I really didn't feel like listing all of them.  I'll admit that the posts haven't been coming out on a regular basis, which I hope to fix in the near future, and I still plan on writing about "The Family".  Due to work, home life, the blog has on occasion taken a back seat.   Don't worry, much like Jesus, I am always thinking of the faithful, and watching.  So you, put the brownie back, you said you were saving it for tomorrow, and you in the shed, that's not what that's used for.  You're going to hurt someone.

I know I've covered a handful of different topics, and tried several different formats.  It seems that the ones covering religion and the cryptids are the most popular.  As I've said, I don't want this to be a strictly atheist blog.  If the religious right (Reich?) attempts to put themselves into the ring concerning science or public policies, then damn right I'll fight.  I still want to cover some of the other things that cause people to either directly or indirectly cause harm to themselves and others, such as conspiracy theories and false medical claims.  If you have a topic that you would live to have me cover, let me know.  No topic is taboo, and no research is too strenuous.  In the near future, I hope to cover The Discovery Institute, which has been causing a lot of headaches lately, especially for the NCSE.  I may also do a post on Ken Hamm and his Answers in Genesis group.  I hope that my writing style has improved, and that more people are finding it at least tolerable, if not enjoyable.  I also hope to continue this for another year.  Sometimes the topics I want to cover come at me like a Gish Gallop, and it's difficult to pick one that I'll have the time to dig into and see whats going on.  Other times, they are so few and far between, finding one is like finding a homeopath that admits it's all placebo.  So stick with me, and let's hope the next revolution around the sun is even better.

Until next time, be good, be skeptical, and be home in time for dinner.

The Skeptical Okie

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